Camp rules

Current affairs at the site

At 13.00 hrs or later you can arrive.

What to do after arrival?
The first thing to do, even before you unload the luggage and start building camp, is reporting to the staff. Then you can unload the luggage at the appointed site and start making camp. Staff indicates the place where to dig the latrine
Placing a freight container on your group area has to be discussed with the staff way in advance of your stay.

Camp staff:
On behalf of Scouting the Netherlands camp staff is present during the busy summer weeks,to be your host(ess). How can they help?
- they answer your questions about activities and sights in the surroundings
- materials can be obtained through them
- they see to it that the sight is treated with respect and that campers observe the camp rules as agreed to.

Vandalism and theft:
Hardly an issue, but nevertheless a warning: Camp staff is not responsible for the damage to and the theft of equipment. Don’t leave your camp unattended to, if possible, and don’t leave any valuables behind.

Pow wow / get together:
On arrival day you can meet a delegation of the other troop leaders during a pow wow organized by the camp staff. There you can meet your fellow campers and possibly discuss activities.

For sending a postcard from home, use the following address:

“Name scout” of the “name troop”
p.a. Scouting labelterrein Het Spelderholt
Koudebergweg 56
7351 TJ Hoenderloo

Means of transport:
Tp protect our site it is not allowed to enter the troop fields by car, motorcycle, moped or bike. Trailers can be brought to the troop field, with the help of a “knobbelkar”.

Digging is only permitted for constructing a latrine or a grease-pit. When you plan the position of your tents carefully, there is no need to dig trenches (gullies) around the tent in case of heavy rainfall (If necessary ask the cam staff for advice)

Waste disposal:
From Ascension Day till the end of August a waste container is stationed at the site. Outside this period troops must take their waste with them when leaving. The waste container is only to be used for “household” waste. Other items like out-of-use theme material or broken camp equipment is the troop’s responsibility.
Waste disposal is getting more and more expensive. When you do your shopping, try to reduce waste, please think about that! Seperate your waste as much as possible. The camp staff will give you some instruction on this matter.
Tins, milk, cartons, etc. take less space in the waste container when you make them flat.

“Het Spelderholt” is part of a nature reserve. From 23.00 hs till 07.00 hs it is not allowed to break the silence of the night.
Please report nightly games after 23.00 hs to the camp staff.
The use of an aggregate is not allowed.

At the end of camp, the leader-in-charge reports to the camp staff. They check the troop site. If everything is in order, deposit will be paid back and says goodbye. Departure is at 12.00 o’clock at the latest.

Spelderholt zonderrook