Who is who

Manager John Evers gladly assist you in making your
weekend- or summer-camp a success! Welcome to “Het Spelderholt” . In season he has the assistance of a number of volunteers, the camp staff.

Camp staff:

On behalf of Scouting the Netherlands sites are hosted by the manager with extra hands of volunteers during the busy weeks in summer.
The camp staff

  • is there to answer your questions about activities to do and sights to see in the surroundings
  • to storage and maintenance of materials
  • takes care that the site is treated respectfully and that the campers live by the rules agreed to.

On arrival report to the camp staff. They direct you to the area for unloading the camping materials, they show you yo your group area and point out the spot where to dig the latrine. On arrival day the camp staff organizes a walk-in for a delegation of the leaders of each visiting troop. During this gathering you meet the leaders of the other troops present. It can be useful to discuss parts of your program with them. Mail is distributed by the camp staff daily. In case of emergency the camp staff has a first-aid-box available.


Spelderholt zonderrook

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