“Het Spelderholt” is a primitive site , with limited provisions. There are two taps at the site, connected to the local water system. These taps are for general use. Water can be collected in jerrycans. For reasons of hygiene Do NOT wash laundry and DO NOT do the dishes at the water taps.

There are no toilets and no showers. Staff points out the spot you have to dig your latrine on the day of arrival. A toilet bucket, with water and soft soap, is allowed. Chemical cleaning material is forbidden. Troops are allowed to construct their own shower. It is not permitted to connect this shower with the watertaps permanently.

Woodfires are allowed, unless there is a general fireplace ban
valid. The manager / camp staff are contacted by the fire brigade if that is the case. See to it that you can cook in an alternative way if necessary. Ground fires are not allowed.
Troops need to bring their own fire bin to make a campfire. 
Cooking fires are allowed when made on top of a solid table fire or crib fire. Provide enough material to extinguish a possible fire and never leave a wood fire unattended to.
Firewood can only be gathered from the woods. It is NEVER allowed to chop or damage the wooden banks or (dead) trees in any way.

There is no telephone at the site. Nor can you load your mobile phone.

You have to bring your own first aid kit. In case of emergency the camp staff can provide first aid materials.

Spelderholt zonderrook