From April 1st till the end of October the sight is available to campers. Before and after that period camping is possible only on request, e.g. for a winter camp. Whenever you would like to come, booking in advance is necessary.

Only open to members of Scouting. A group must have a valid
camp form and a camping admission. Individual members need to show their scouting membership card. In case of families one of the parents needs to be a member.
During summercamps the changing of groups is on Saturdays. In order to make this as simple as possible, departing troups must leave at 12.00 o’clock on the latest.
Arrivals are welcome at 13.00 o’clock at the earliest.

When the animals do not bother the other campers, pets are welcome,
but only on a leash.

Camping at “Het Spelderholt” is in the primitive way, in tents or even less comfortable. Caravans and folding tents are not permitted. If it is not possible (any more) to sleep in a tent on grounds of health, please consult the managers, well in advance.

Spelderholt zonderrook